April 26, 2018

The Future You

Have you ever had a conversation with your “future you”? That little voice or person on your shoulder that tells you – the future you will achieve that.

You know the way….. right? The little voice that that tells you tomorrow will be different.

Tomorrow I will definitely get up earlier.

Tomorrow I will definitely go to the gym.

Next week after my friends birthday party I’m going to start my diet.

I have a lot on this year but definitely next year I’m changing jobs.

There is another way of classifying this reassuring self-talk – it’s not an actual word or a medical condition but it sums up how a lot of us approach our lives, it’s called LongFingeritis and we all suffer from it, especially when it comes to our finances. As a financial adviser, I’ve heard them all, including

“I’ve been meaning to get some life cover since our little one arrived”

“I’ll wait now until I hit my thirties and then I will definitely start a pension”

“I know you earn feck all on deposit, I really must look into savings options”

“It’s scary how many people I know you have got ill, I must definitely buy some serious illness cover”

You get the message by now – all examples of people putting things on the long finger and not taking responsibility for their own and their families financial futures.

So the next time you find yourself saying “I really must sort out”, here’s an idea, actually do something about it. Remember a pound of action is better than a tonne of intention.

Take ownership of your financial future and as the Nike slogan says “Just Do It”!


If you want to sort your financial future and no longer want to suffer from LongFingeritis please contact me at john@blueprintfp.ie


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