September 28, 2018

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

Mike Tyson, one of boxing’s most infamous and ferocious competitors once uttered this rather chilling sentence – “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, one can only imagine what a punch from one of the most successful heavyweight boxers of all time would feel like…..

People get “punched in the mouth” on a daily basis, in one way or another, it might not be an actual punch but a metaphor for some unplanned, painful and hurtful episode that no one saw coming.

With regards to finances there are often “punches in the mouth”, be it

People dying unexpectedly leaving behind no Will and insufficient life cover for their loved ones

Someone getting sick and being unable to work and have no income continuance plan or Serious Illness Cover in place.

Someone who invested money in the next “big thing” only to lose some of their savings.

So how do you prepare for that unexpected punch in the mouth? Well from a financial point of view I believe a well-crafted, impartial and robust financial plan will alleviate a lot of problems life may throw at you.

Remember another famous saying – if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

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