January 7, 2020

Financial Tips to Succeed This Year

So, as we head into a new year and indeed a new decade people are setting their goals and resolutions, gym memberships are being purchased as well as healthy cooking books. Not being the bearer of bad news but did you know that according to a recent study the failure rate for new years resolutions is 80% and most people have abandoned theirs by February. One of the big reasons for these failures is that people’s goals are too grandiose and aspirational. 

In this post we will outline some simple, easy to adapt tips to help you achieve your financial goals and make 2020 your best financial year yet.


  1. Cash is king – I know “tapping” your debit card is easy and convenient but I am old school and believe cash is king. Withdraw a some of money at the start of the week that you believe will sustain you. It also keeps you more honest and accountable in your spending. 
  2. Keep a coin jar – you would be amazed what you build up at the end of the year if you empty your coins at the end of each day into a jar. I myself have been following this practice for years and in December had the nice sum of €753 built up.
  3. Analyse all your insurances – car, home, health, life, mortgage protection, even pet insurance. There are constant offers and new member discounts on all insurances so be sure to shop around and use a Broker! 
  4. Save first, spend second – “spend what you have left after saving not save what you have left after spending” is one of Warren Buffett’s most famous sayings and it is so true. If you get paid on the 1st of the month for example have an automatic amount directed to savings and then you know what’s left is available for spending. 
  5. Reduce debt – be very careful of credit card debt especially. We all have a balance after Christmas on the “flexible friend” but the interest rates are punitive – up to 17% interest. Some providers also allow you to transfer your balance to a new credit card interest free for a period.
  6. Do a tax return – medical receipts, unallocated tax credits, Pension contributions are all tax deductible so make sure you do a return often and don’t leave money behind. 

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